It Takes a Village To Raise a Parent

Parenting. It's fun. It's challenging. It crosses racial and ethnic and socioeconomic barriers. Oh, and once you have "it" figured out, everything changes. While it certainly takes a village to raise a child, this podcast focuses on the parent. We hope to learn from other parents while giving you, the listener, some actionable tips to help you become a better parent. Note: This podcast is sponsored by gDiapers. Learn more at
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It Takes a Village To Raise a Parent


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May 2, 2017

Pregnancy loss is a common occurrence, with about one in four pregnancies ending in miscarriage or infant loss. It’s a difficult topic to talk about, however, and sometimes women feel alone after experiencing such a loss. Today we are going to be talking to Jessica Daggett, a wife, mom, and doula. She has three children and has experienced pregnancy loss twice. She has so much to share that we decided to split the interview into two parts, with this being part one.  

Whether or not you have experienced a pregnancy loss, this is a show you won’t want to miss, since chances are good that someone close to you will be affected by the loss of a pregnancy. 

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • What Jessica and her husband had planned when it came to having children and what ended up happening in terms of spacing and pregnancy complications. 
  • Jessica’s pregnancy loss of her daughter, Daphne, at 34 weeks -- how she found out, how she felt, and how she got through the days between finding out and delivering her baby. 
  • Daphne’s birth story. 
  • When and how Jessica and her husband decided to try again for another baby and the difficulties that they had. 
  • Jessica’s feelings during her third pregnancy when she got to the last trimester, which was when she lost Daphne. 
  • Jessica’s second loss, how it happened, and what caused her second-trimester miscarriage.