It Takes a Village To Raise a Parent

Parenting. It's fun. It's challenging. It crosses racial and ethnic and socioeconomic barriers. Oh, and once you have "it" figured out, everything changes. While it certainly takes a village to raise a child, this podcast focuses on the parent. We hope to learn from other parents while giving you, the listener, some actionable tips to help you become a better parent. Note: This podcast is sponsored by gDiapers. Learn more at
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It Takes a Village To Raise a Parent


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May 23, 2017

Today’s episode is unique because we are interviewing Jess and James, who decided five years ago to pack up and sail around the world. They’ve had quite the journey, and perhaps their biggest adventures have been having two children, Rocket and Indigo, along the way. Whether or not you’ve ever considered living on a boat, you're sure to find our conversation fascinating and thought-provoking.  

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • Where Jess and James are now, what they did when they started, and what they are doing, and what their days are like. 
  • How far in advance the family plans and when they plan on stopping their current lifestyle. 
  • Some of the ways that the journey has changed from the time that it was just James and Jess to now. 
  • What James and Jess miss about living in one place, as well as some of the benefits of living on a boat. 
  • How James, Jess, and the kids make friends within the sailing community. 
  • Some of the different milestones that children in the sailing community might reach before or after children who are raised traditionally.