It Takes a Village To Raise a Parent

Parenting. It's fun. It's challenging. It crosses racial and ethnic and socioeconomic barriers. Oh, and once you have "it" figured out, everything changes. While it certainly takes a village to raise a child, this podcast focuses on the parent. We hope to learn from other parents while giving you, the listener, some actionable tips to help you become a better parent. Note: This podcast is sponsored by gDiapers. Learn more at
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It Takes a Village To Raise a Parent


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Mar 7, 2017

Being a CEO is tough. Being a parent is even tougher. Today we are going to be talking to Rhea Drysdale, the CEO of Outspoken Media. Rhea is also the parent of a four-year-old and a one-year-old. As you can imagine, she has a lot on her plate! She is going to share her experiences of being pregnant, breastfeeding, recovering from a difficult delivery, finding her groove as a new mom, and then transitioning from one child to two, all while also remaining CEO of her company.

Some of the highlights of today’s show include:

  • How Rhea’s experience finding out that she couldn’t control everything changed her as a mom and as a CEO.
  • How the kindness of strangers helped Rhea survive the first year as a new mom and a CEO.
  • Some lessons that Rhea has learned about being a CEO while pregnant, a mom of one, and a mom of two.
  • Why Rhea found it easy to bond with moms who had been through traumatic experiences.
  • What she would do differently the third time around, if she decides to have another baby.
  • How Rhea handled communication with her team members while on maternity leave.
  • How parenting helped Rhea appreciate the wisdom of moms who have gone before her.
  • Questions Rhea has asked herself to help find balance between work and parenting.
  • How Rhea handles working-parent guilt and how she depends on her support system to help her keep it under control.