It Takes a Village To Raise a Parent

Parenting. It's fun. It's challenging. It crosses racial and ethnic and socioeconomic barriers. Oh, and once you have "it" figured out, everything changes. While it certainly takes a village to raise a child, this podcast focuses on the parent. We hope to learn from other parents while giving you, the listener, some actionable tips to help you become a better parent. Note: This podcast is sponsored by gDiapers. Learn more at
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It Takes a Village To Raise a Parent


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May 30, 2017

Today’s guest, Mercedes Kwiatkowski, is a triple board-certified physician: She is a pediatrician, and most of what she does pertains to child psychiatry. In addition, she’s a blogger, a mom of two young children, and a wife. Today’s episode focuses on being a parent and also being a child psychiatrist.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Some ways that Mercedes relates her experience in child psychiatry to her parenting, and vice-versa.
  • Mercedes’s thoughts on some of the differences between boys and girls and the stereotypes that pertain to each gender.
  • How being a parent has changed the work-life balance for a family with two busy physicians.
  • How Mercedes controls her stress and calms down after a tough day at work before she gets home.
  • Thoughts on how parental stress lends to childhood stress and anxiety.
  • How the overuse of technology lends to screen addiction and anxiety, as well as tips on how to curb this.
  • The stigma of mental health issues and how talking about it and knowing what to do with kids and adults who are struggling can help. Also, thoughts on finding a balance between honesty and being strong when parents struggle with their own anxiety.


May 23, 2017

Today’s episode is unique because we are interviewing Jess and James, who decided five years ago to pack up and sail around the world. They’ve had quite the journey, and perhaps their biggest adventures have been having two children, Rocket and Indigo, along the way. Whether or not you’ve ever considered living on a boat, you're sure to find our conversation fascinating and thought-provoking.  

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • Where Jess and James are now, what they did when they started, and what they are doing, and what their days are like. 
  • How far in advance the family plans and when they plan on stopping their current lifestyle. 
  • Some of the ways that the journey has changed from the time that it was just James and Jess to now. 
  • What James and Jess miss about living in one place, as well as some of the benefits of living on a boat. 
  • How James, Jess, and the kids make friends within the sailing community. 
  • Some of the different milestones that children in the sailing community might reach before or after children who are raised traditionally. 


May 16, 2017

This is part two of The Impact of Pregnancy Loss. During part one, we talked to Jessica Daggett, who is the mom of three living children and who has also lost two babies during pregnancy. She told us the story of her daughter being born still and about a subsequent miscarriage. If you haven’t already listened to that, please do that first so that you can pick up where we left off.

If you have listened to part one already, sit back and listen to part two. We are continuing the conversation to help people who have experienced a loss as well as those who know people who have lost a baby. Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • How Jessica’s oldest daughter dealt with the death of her first sister and how that experience has impacted her.
  • The painful process of telling others about a miscarriage. Also, Jessica talks about why the miscarriage was, in some ways, more difficult than her stillbirth.
  • How Jessica explains to strangers how many children she has.
  • Ways to respond when hearing about a lost baby that would be helpful to the parents.
  • How pregnancy loss has changed who Jessica is as a wife, a mother, and a human being.
  • How Jessica celebrates and acknowledges the lives of her children that she lost.
  • Advice for moms and dads who have experienced a loss, as well as tips for including grandparents and other relatives who are also affected by the loss.
May 14, 2017

Cute Alert!

Cute Alert!

Cute Alert! 

It started as a simple text to a few dozen dads:


So … working on a Mother’s Day “Special Edition" of the gDiapers podcast, It Takes a Village to Raise a Parent. I'm asking dads to help me record audio of their kid(dos) answering the following question:

What do you love about your mom?

You can record on your phone, your laptop, whatever.

Oh, and this will be a surprise for the moms … so SHHHHH.

Here is what I need:

  • Together (or separate), I need each kid to say their name, their mom's name, and then what they love about their mom.
  • Like this: "Hi. I'm Van. My mom is Kristina Milan. I love my mom because she gives the best snuggles."
  • Record the video then text or email me the video.


The results were, well, ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE.

From “she let’s me watch TV” to “she gives the best snuggles” … listen and watch as two dozen+ of the cutest kiddos share what they love about their mom.

Watch full video here:

P.S. It’s not too late to record your own video of your own kiddos and share it with mom! Do it. Now.

May 9, 2017

Have you ever considered becoming a foster parent or adopting a child through foster care? Whether or not you already have biological children, becoming a parent through foster care is a completely different experience, and you won’t want to miss this episode! 

Today we are talking to Gini Dietrich, the owner of two businesses and the author of two books. She is also a mother and a wife, and she will be discussing her journey of adopting her daughter through the foster care system. She has some great perspective on the trials and tribulations that go along with adopting through foster care, and she will be sharing her advice for anyone who wants to go through the process themselves.

Some of the highlights of the show include:

  • Why Gini and her husband decided to adopt rather than pursue infertility treatment.
  • How the foster-to-adopt process works, as well as the trials that the Dietrich family experienced during the early weeks and months of fostering their baby.
  • How visitation worked with Gini’s daughter’s biological mother during the time that they were fostering.
  • Why foster parents are not supposed to post information or photographs of their foster children, as well as why biological parents are given many chances to get their child back before the child is available for adoption.
  • What life has been like since the adoption has been finalized.
  • How Gini handles contact with her daughter’s biological mother now.
  • How the bonding process with an adopted child can differ from the bonding process with a biological child.
  • Gini’s best advice for people who would like to foster or adopt through the foster care system.
May 2, 2017

Pregnancy loss is a common occurrence, with about one in four pregnancies ending in miscarriage or infant loss. It’s a difficult topic to talk about, however, and sometimes women feel alone after experiencing such a loss. Today we are going to be talking to Jessica Daggett, a wife, mom, and doula. She has three children and has experienced pregnancy loss twice. She has so much to share that we decided to split the interview into two parts, with this being part one.  

Whether or not you have experienced a pregnancy loss, this is a show you won’t want to miss, since chances are good that someone close to you will be affected by the loss of a pregnancy. 

Some of the highlights of the show include: 

  • What Jessica and her husband had planned when it came to having children and what ended up happening in terms of spacing and pregnancy complications. 
  • Jessica’s pregnancy loss of her daughter, Daphne, at 34 weeks -- how she found out, how she felt, and how she got through the days between finding out and delivering her baby. 
  • Daphne’s birth story. 
  • When and how Jessica and her husband decided to try again for another baby and the difficulties that they had. 
  • Jessica’s feelings during her third pregnancy when she got to the last trimester, which was when she lost Daphne. 
  • Jessica’s second loss, how it happened, and what caused her second-trimester miscarriage.